If you are looking to acquire or sell your company, you are most likely in the Merger & Acquisition process and it is imperative that you conduct Due Diligence.

Due diligence allows the buyer to confirm pertinent information about the seller, such as contracts, finances, customers and most importantly, technology. By gathering this information, the buyer is better equipped to make an informed decision and close the deal with a sense of certainty.

You wouldn’t buy a new house without having it inspected, make sure that you conduct due diligence on the following.

  • Technology Architecture
  • Technology Processes
  • Code Vulnerabilities
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Scalability Issues
  • Process Breakdowns
  • Potential Resource Issues
  • SLA Issues
  • and more

Promark Group offers the following services that assist in uncovering any potential issues during the due diligence process:

  • Fractional CTO
  • Fractional CIO