In order to build a successful product you need to ensure that the following 3 criteria are met:

  • Viability:
    • Is your product viable from a business front?
    • Does the pricing make sense?
    • Do you have a good market fit?
  • Desirability:
    • Is your product desirable by your target audience?
    • Will consumers flock to your product, or leave another product for it?
    • Does your product fit a certain niche that does not exist and if not
    • Are you differentiating from your competitors?
  • Feasibility:
    • How can technology be leveraged to make your product a reality?
    • Do you have the technical expertise to make your product a reality?

If you can answer all of the above, you are on your way to making a successful product!

Promark Group guides our clients in creating roadmaps to success with the following services:

  • Fractional Product Manager
  • Fractional Product Owner