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Focus Areas

Business Value

Business & Product First, Always.

A CTO / CIO needs to understand business in order to make sound decisions regarding technology strategy. These decisions are made through market analysis, vendor management, buy vs. build decisions, partnerships, joint-ventures and other factors that ensure that the CTO builds a technology backbone that will not only make technological sense, but business sense as well. Your technology is only as good as the business strategy that backs it.

Technology Builder

Your GPS To Technology.

A CTO / CIO is like a GPS for your business. Your destination is your product, how you get to your final destination is up to your technology. A CTO will present you with different routes with different options to get to your final destination, the executive team then makes decisions based on the routes and other minutia. The route can change as development continues but always ensuring that the business gets to its final destination, the product.


Team & Process Builder.

A CTO / CIO is a leader who leads multiple businesses processes ensuring best practices in Software Development, DevOps, SecOps; this role builds out SLA’s and Disaster Recovery plans to ensure customer up-time and availability of all software systems. They ensure that all pilot programs are successful. This leader is also responsible for building highly collaborative and dynamic technology teams and culture.

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