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We understand products and we know what is needed in order to position them for long-term growth with the technology to enable it.

Product + Technology

Product and Technology go hand-in-hand, you cannot be successful at one, without being successful at the other, Promark Group offers profound knowledge in both.

Our unique experience allows us to delivery a surprisingly unique blend of knowledge and experience that enables our clients to achieve their product and service goals.

  • Fractional Product Manager
  • Product Management Consulting
  • Product Consulting
Promark Groups unique CTO CIO and Product Advisory services with Portfolio and Project Management
Promark's Portfolio and Project Management services with PMI certified professionals

Near-shore Complements

Promark Group's product management consulting services are perfectly complemented by its cost-effective near-shore software development services.

Our software teams are managed by PMI certified Project Management Professionals to ensure timely delivery and quality.

Cost-effective Solutions

We supplement our advisory services with the cost-effectiveness of near-shore software development to execute on strategies.

Promark's Portfolio and Project Management services with PMI certified professionals

Step 1.

Discovery allows us to understand our clients product goals and strategy to determine whether there are gaps or areas for improvement.

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Step 2.
Strategy & Planning

Next, we define
  • Fit
  • Viability
  • Feasibility
  • Roadmap
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Step 3.

Lastly, we build

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Responsive Apps
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A word from our founder

Did you know that Steve Job's, the Founder and CEO of Apple didn't actually know anything about technology? Steve Jobs however, did know everything about product, and Apple is what it is today because of that.

That being said, every great product requires great technology. Technology is the vehicle to make your product a reality. Promark Group has helped our clients launch products that have been used by over 20MM users around and generated over $5B in yearly revenues.

The technology behind these products has scaled 100% year over year. Our team of Product Management consultant's will guide your product down the right path, and create the technology to actually make it a reality, and a long-term success story.

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